Visitors with reduced mobility

Parking spaces are reserved for visitors with reduced mobility at the entrance to the site. All the infrastructures around the Le Cyclop are accessible and suitable for wheelchair users.

Le Cyclop is a complex structure, created in secret by artists between 1969 and 1994, without any architectural supervision, designed in total freedom, without safety standards and concerns for accessibility. As a result, the structure has only stairs to access its four levels. Its status as a work of art, listed in the inventory of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques, prevents any modification from being made to the architecture of the work. Therefore, we are unable to offer tours of Le Cyclop’s interior to visitors with reduced mobility. However, free outdoor tours are available to these visitors.

Intellectually disabled and neurodiverse visitors

The public relations team of Le Cyclop Association offers visits adapted to intellectually disabled and neurodiverse visitors. These tours can be proposed individually or in groups. 

Hearing-impaired visitors

Le Cyclop Association is committed to offering tours for the hearing-impaired public. However, as our team of guides is seasonal, we cannot guarantee visits in the French Sign Language (LSF) every year. Feel free to contact us during the season to find out more.

Visually-impaired visitors

Le Cyclop Association is committed to offering tours for the visually impaired public. Unfortunately, this offer is not yet fully developed. We are currently looking for a partnership with one or more specialized structures or associations that work with the visually impaired, in order to design and implement a suitable tour for such visitors. Feel free to contact us for more information.